How to Maintain a Routine While You’re Stuck Inside.

With the entire world on pause due to the coronavirus it can be very difficult not to develop bad habits. Many of us are stressed and sad and these feelings can make it hard to find the motivation to be productive.

During my first 7 days of social distancing I found myself binge-watching the Sopranos and endlessly scrolling through all of my media feeds. It was perhaps a coping mechanism, a way to distract myself, but I soon found that it was only making me feel more restless.

It is important that during all of this that you don’t let yourself go. Here are a few ways that you can get yourself back on track:

1. Start Each Day with Some Exercise

I know a lot of people are really down because the gyms are closed but there’s no reason that you can’t workout at home. I’m able to get just as good of a workout at home as I could in the gym using resistance bands, a yoga mat, and a jumprope.

I rotate every other day using the resistance bands for my upperbody workout along with pushups, then doing abs and legs the next day. Mix that in with some yoga and medidation and it’s the perfect way to start the day!

Here’s a good video with a few different exercises you can do with resistance bands:


2. Stay Well-groomed and Continue to Practice Good Hygiene

I know, with barbershops and salons closed staying well-groomed can seem impossible, especially if it had been a while since you’d been to one before they closed. Lucky for me my girlfriend has always cut my hair anyway, but for those of you that live alone or don’t have a partner that cuts your hair, you can still continue to do all the things you did to feel good, even if you aren’t going out.

I’ve found that continuing to shave, shower, brush your teeth, or whatever your routine is, does wonders to boost productivity.

If you stay in your pajamas all day you are more likely to fall into that endless loop of binge-watching and scrolling.

3. Make Yourself a Good Breakfast

It can be difficult to make yourself a decent meal right now especially if you were one of those people that ate out every day. Well, now the restaurants are closed and you have no other choice. It’s very important that you maintain good eating habits during this time. If you eat eggos, endless bowls of cereal, and TV dinners everyday then you aren’t going to have a lot of energy.

Now is a better time than ever to learn how to make something new and develop better eating habits. Not only will this benefit you now during social distancing, but it will also benefit you in the long run. As I mention in 3 Ways That I’ve Saved a Bunch of Money staying in for dinner can do wonders for your savings.

4. Get Dressed in Something Casual and Get to Work

There’s no reason to put a suit on or anything like that, but you should at least wear jeans. Wear something that you would wear outside the house.

After that, get to work.

If your job has you working from home then sit down and do whatever you have to do for that, or if you are one of the many people that are out of work because of this then work on that sideproject you haven’t had the time for in the past.

Now is a better time then ever to lose yourself in your projects.

5. Find ways to entertain yourself other than Television and Social Media

It is important that you maintain some form of a social life. With social distancing and the closure of almost everything fun this can be very difficult, especially if you live alone. A few ways you can do this are to Facetime someone in your family or circle of friends every day and have a lengthy conversation with them.

Every one should do this, even if you live with your partner or a roommate. Facetiming someone every day and can help keep you from getting sick of the people you live with, and can be very beneficial to your mental health.

You can also read a book, play card, board, or even I-message games with friends using the gamepigeon app.

6. Treat Yourself

After you’ve been productive and you’re satisfied with yourself, then it is time to relax!

Watch as much Television as you want and scroll away, you’ve earned it!






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