New “smart diaper” notifies you when diaper is soiled; but doesn’t change the diaper for you.

If you’ve seen Back to the Future 2, then you know what the people of 1989 had dreamed up for 2015: shoes that lace themselves, cars that fly, boards that hover… Well, it’s 2020 and none of those things exist, but, on the brightside, we now have smart diapers!

Just incase diapers weren’t expensive enough!

I can picture the ads now:

“Do you worry constantly about whether or not your child’s diaper is soiled? Is it keeping you up at night, and driving you to the brink of insanity? Is checking their diaper every hour or two just too hard? Well boy do we have a product for you! Thanks to our patented RFID tag which is embedded in every diaper, you will be notified every time your child’s diaper is soiled! No more need to worry, we’ve got you, and your child covered!”

Wow, that wasn’t bad. If you need a copywriter for smart diapers, let me know!

Now, when I hear “smart” diapers, I imagine a diaper that detatches itself, balls up, rolls across the floor, then jumps into your trash can, all while notifying a new diaper that it’s time for a change. At this point the fresh diaper soars through the air and replaces the dirty diaper on your child.

That is not the case, however.

These smart diapers, created by MIT, are embedded with a RFID tag which notify’s parents when the diaper begins to expand with moisture. At this point, you get a notification on your phone that says, “Hey asshole, change your kids diaper.”

There are on going conversations about whether or not the Russian government could use these smart diapers to somehow tap into your child’s brain and turn them into a communist sympathizer, but no conclusive evidence has been found to prove this.

So, have no fear, smart diapers are here!

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