3 Ways That I’ve Saved a Bunch of Money

When I became a dad, something in me just ticked. I had been frugal before I entered parenthood, but shortly after my daughter was born, I became obsessed with finding the best deal. She’s nearly 18 months old now and I’ve toned the frugality down just a smidge to maintain my girlfriend’s sanity, but there are a few things that I still do that have added up in a big way:

Here are 3 Ways That I’ve Saved a Bunch of Money:

1. I Started Using a Safety Razor

I know a lot of guys out there are growing beards, but if you’re like me and your facial hair is spotty at best, you have to shave. It’s not a secret that disposable razors are expensive not to mention terrible for the environment, but are there any alternatives?

I had been using Dollar Shave Club for the last three years but was still paying about $105 per year on razors, and there was still all that plastic and shipping materials. I know, $105 isn’t that bad, but if you can cut the cost, then why not?

Safety Razors are by far the best choice you can make.

I only paid $16 for my handle, and you can get as many as razor blades for just $10. If I use one razor per week it would take me nearly 2 years to use all of them. That means that in 2 years, I will have only needed to spend $10 on razors, when in that same time, I would have spent $210 on Dollar Shave Club, or $300 with Gillete…

2. I Switched My Phone Plan

This last year, when I took a look at areas in my life where I could cut costs, this one stood out above the rest. My Unlimited Plan with Verizon cost me a whopping $110 a month.

Having been with Verizon for 4 years, I had spent over $5,000 on phone bills in that time.

That is ridiculous!

I did some research and found Mint Mobile. It’s a mobile company that operates 100% online. Their cheapest plans charge as little as $15 a month, and they use T-mobiles towers so their service is actually very good.

All you have to do is own a smart phone, sign up for your desired plan on their website, then they send you a sim card, you put it in your phone and you’re ready to go.

I now pay $25 a month for 3 gigs of LTE and unlimited talk and text. That means in the next 4 years, I will save $4,000.

3. I Made Eating Out A Special Occasion

The other two I mentioned before this were just little things. Sure, it all adds up, but this one is the most important of all. When I was a bachelor, I used to eat out religiously. At least one of my meals throughout the day, would be at the local sandwhich shop, the wing spot down the street, or delivery.

I didn’t keep track of the figures but I know I was spending a ridiculous amount of money on eating out.

$150 of groceries can last me and my girlfriend nearly two weeks if we do it right. You can easily spend that on one night out. Even if you aren’t treating yourself to some fine dining, eating out anywhere adds up very quickly.

By making eating out a special occasion, and making home cooked meals instead, you will see an immediate affect on your savings account.

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