3 Reasons to be Excited for the XFL.

If there’s anything Americans love, it’s football. In fact, one could say that Americans can’t get enough football. This was thought to be true until Vince Mcmahon started the XFL in 2001 and it failed miserably. Now, however, I feel like the demand for an NFL alternative is higher than ever, and fans are ready to give the XFL a chance nearly 20 years later.

The XFL debuts today and if you aren’t yet, here are 3 reasons to be excited:


1. The Game is Faster

The XFL is more ball, and less stall.

The playclock will be 25 seconds instead of 40, which will force offenses to call plays quickly and hustle to the line of scrimmage. The XFL will be a faster paced style of play  which can only equate to a more exciting game of football.  

Instead of waiting for what seems like forever for another play, being forced to listen to the commentators talk about what they had for dinner last night, you’ll blink and they’ll be snapping the ball again!

Half-time will only last 10 minutes and each team will have just 2 time-outs per half, rather than 3. All in all, the game will last about 2 hours, compared to the traditional NFL game which usually runs more than 3 hours.

So, you will be getting a faster paced game that doesn’t go on, and on, and on…

That, I can get behind.


2. It’s Riskier

The XFL has implemented rules that seek to add excitement to the most boring parts of the game. On kickoffs, the kicking team can’t move until the other team catches the ball, and the same goes for punts. Also, if the punting team kicks the ball out of bounds or into the endzone, the recieving team automatically gets the ball on the 35-yard line. 

These rules will almost guarentee a return every single time, which rarely happens in the NFL. 

They’re also changing the way extra-points are added after a touchdown. Instead of kicking the ball, teams can choose to execute a play from the 2-yard line for 1 point, the 5-yard line for 2 points, or the 10-yard line for 3 points. 

This adds more excitement to each offensive possession, and gives teams more opportunities to get back in the game.


3. It cares about the Fans

As the years have passed, the NFL seems to care less and less about their fans. Ticket prices have gotten so expensive that it’s become a luxery to go to games, and I don’t know if you’ve been to one lately, but it always feels like you got robbed when it’s over.

XFL tickets will be much more affordable, and you’ll get more with each ticket. It costs just $30 to sit in the lower bowl, fans get to line up with players during the national anthem, and get autographs on the field after the game. 

You may say, “Of course they care about their fans, at this point they’re desperate for them,” and you’d probably be right. 

However, it seems like something they plan to continue well into the future. 

So, if you’re tired of the endless commercials, the huge breaks in action, and a game that has lost touch with its fans… Maybe you should give the XFL a chance.

The XFL debuts today at 2 p.m. on ABC as the Seattle Dragons take on the D.C. Defenders.



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